The Snuff is a modern-rock band established in summer 2009 in Prague, Czech Republic. Founding members are Tomas Kucera (guitars, back vocals) and Michal Scheiner (guitars, back vocals). Soon after, Tomas’s brother Marek joins the band as a lead vocalist and then, after personal changes, Ijen Ayen fills post of a bassist and Matys Verner becomes band’s latest drummer.

By the turn of the year 2011, The Snuff releases at their own expense debut album ,,Requiem For Me“ that met solely positive criticism no matter that members of the band were still young back in the day – average age of the band was 19 years. Anyway, this debut helped the band to get wider recognition across the czech club scene. Album contained only original production and was inspired by metal bands of 80’s and 90’s. Resultant sound came out as a very specific, because album had metal, punk, garage rock and electronical elements.

At the autumn of 2012, single ,,Boxed In“ was released and it had surprising impact for the fans. The Snuff presented new direction of their music – not only the lyrics and sound were advanced, but the music itself became, in a way, slightly alternative, adding pop elements and ambient feeling to it. It was attractive enough for radios and so it ended up with commercial success such as scoring number 2 in a chart ,,Česká desítka“ on the radio Rockzone or Boxed In’s music video having it’s place in the show ,,CZ/SK“ in the czech most watched music channel TV Óčko.

Year 2012 was for the band very successful at all. The Snuff participated in the nationwide music contest called ,,Skutečná Liga“, where bands play live shows and are rated by proffesional and amateur judges and wich runs through the portal The Snuff placed in the top 10 and even though they didn’t win, they were good enough to attract production agency N.S.E.F. wich started to represent The Snuff. Since then, The Snuff are beginning to appear at prestigious festivals across the country and they play over 50 venues per year.

On the 7th of July, The Snuff releases their second album under the publishing company Warner Music CZ called ,,Lotus“ wich is a conception album full of atmospheric elements, the dark, but melodic lines wich in addition accompany the painful fictional story of a young girl kidnapped into unknown territory where she becomes victim of a forced prostitution business. The Snuff spent more than a year by an intensive work on the album with czech award winning producer Ecson Waldes . Due to the Lotus’s sophisticated music, progressive and modern sound, feedback and criticism is overall very good and the album got wide range of listeners.

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